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Kyle VanDuser is the Founder, and Executive Director, of Cyprus Island Enterprises, and the Author of "Blue Collar Catholicism." He is married to his beautiful wife Kayla, and together they have three young daughters. They live on a 2.5 acre homestead farm in Southwest Florida, and the lessons he learned while preparing for their farm, led to the inspiration for his book.

He graduated from Ave Maria University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, and is working on his Masters degree in Theology at Ave Maria University. He has coached multiple sports, ranging from elementary school through the collegiate level. In addition to stints in both youth ministry and politics, Kyle has also been a character skills, life skills, and leadership skills coach, for the last 15 years.

Currently, he serves as the Director of Alumni Relations and Engagement for his Alma Mater, Ave Maria University. 

Kyle VanDuser

Author; Founder; Executive Director

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